2 comments on “New Durst 138S

    • Scott, I paid about $300 plus shipping for the first one I bought, but it didn’t come with some parts for the baseboard or any condensers. Once I acquired those I definitely feel I overpaid, especially since I had to put a lot of work into refurbing the enlarger. However it now works very smoothly. I have converted this one to printing color (only up to 4×5 at this point). The next one I found required driving 6 hours to collect, but was pristine and included the coated condensers, and a few bulbs. It was $800. I don’t know how those two purchases fit into the broader market for Durst 138s. The second one included a 50mm lens with the option to buy a nikon 180mm for extra (I forget how much). I have a 210mm Nikon and a 180mm Componon S lenses for 5×7, along with shorter lenses all purchased separately. You can find good deals on 150mm and shorter enlarging lenses easily, but I had to wait for a while to get a decent price on the 180mm. I only bought the 210mm Nikon because I won an auction at a low opening bid. I spent as much getting a lensboard machined for the lens as I did on the mint lens. My feeling is with careful shopping and patience you can put together a very good enlarger with lenses for $1200.

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